The Appointment Biz has been providing scheduling and territory management services to financial wholesalers for over twenty years. In that time we have forged lasting relationships with some of the top financial services firms in the country.


“My experience with The Appointment Biz has been terrific. I think the biggest issue I face in building my business is finding quality service — and that applies to the people that work with me. Since I started working with The Appointment Biz, I’ve been teamed with quality people that help me run my business more efficiently and help me build more business. Keep up the good work!”

Regional Vice President
MFS Investment Management


“Recently, I went through a job change after working with The Appointment Biz for three years. Not only were they able to come with me, but made my transition to the new firm easy and seamless. Throughout my career, working with The Appointment Biz has allowed me to spend my time working in my territory with the confidence that my schedule will be filled.”

Regional Vice President, CIMC
American Century Investments

“As Financial Advisors of Merrill Lynch, the demands on our individual talents and time are phenomenal. When and where we can, we look to enlist the support of professionals who share our commitment to client focus and excellence. Hiring The Appointment Biz viewed through the prism of hindsight proves to date to be one of the best moves we’ve made.

It is nearly inexplicable to impart the tangible value of the comfort and confidence one receives from competent assistance. We no longer employ any personal energy concerning ourselves with our database/network management. That has become the purview of The Appointment Biz. We are free to pursue that which we are hired and paid to do: create, maintain and protect the personal wealth of our select clients.

We cannot be more satisfied with The Appointment Biz. Most simply stated, they do what they say, when they said it would be done for the pre-agreed upon fee with contagious positive enthusiasm. While we ask no more, we surely feel as though we always get more.”

Assistant Vice President & Senior Financial Manager
Private Client Group, Merrill Lynch


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“I have worked with The Appointment Biz for over fifteen years. Numerous members of my division also utilize scheduling, territory management, and mailing services. The relationship that the scheduler and wholesaler develop has become an important part of a successful equation. Having an administrative partner who understands the financial services industry and the needs of traveling salespeople has been key to taking our business to the next level.”

Divisional Vice President
MFS Investment

“I simply believe I could not have done it without The Appointment Biz.

I was a brand new annuity wholesaler, for an unheard of East coast life and annuity company; in one of the worst markets we have ever seen. Add to that, it was a start-up territory in Southern California, the back yard of one of the most prominent players in the industry. As a believer in the fundamentals of wholesaling, and the concept of ‘focused activity equals production’, I made The Appointment Biz part of my team.

With VERY limited resources and an even more limited budget, The Appointment Biz quickly had my calendar populated with three to four appointments per day. They immediately understood my rep lists and rotations, not to mention the basics of freeway travel in Southern California. This allowed me not only an additional day in the field, but the ability to spend an office day closing business instead of making appointments. As a result, production in the next two years increased ten-fold.

I have since moved to another larger, more well established Midwest company to re-build the same territory. One of the prerequisites of my hire was that they not only allow me to use, but pay for The Appointment Biz.

Thanks for everything.”

Regional Vice President
High Mark Funds



“Every time the technical side of my business gets ‘too technical’ my first call is to The Appointment Biz. Each and every time they have solved my issue correctly and in a timely manner. The down time I would have suffered would have been dramatically increased without their help. Since 1999, they have been there to assist me in enhancing my business. Thank you to Julie and her team!!

Vice President
MFS Investment Management

“Joining the Appointment Biz team was a pivotal decision in my life. It not only has afforded me the freedom of working from home but it also has contributed to the person I have become today. I enjoy the challenges of the job and take pride in the one-on-one relationship I have established with our clients. My greatest achievement with this team has been peace of mind. I am here with my family. Simultaneously, I am able to schedule meetings for clients across the United States and assist my children with an English question or mend a broken heart. I am honored to be part of this team and consider them an extension of my family.”

The Appointment Biz